Do compostable items breakdown in landfills?

Biodegradable products are great in theory, but too many end up in landfill. These items require microorganisms to break down. Microorganisms require air, water and heat to survive and feast on these biodegradable products. Landfills are all about keeping the conditions as stable as possible and that blocks the needed air, water and heat.

There is no guarantee that compostable items will breakdown in landfills.

Your best bet is to compost biodegradable products.

For more information check out: The Guardian's Do compostable items breakdown in the bin?

Ellwood’s is partnering with N.O.P.E. (Natural Organic Process Enterprise) to make sure that our biodegradable products are handled correctly and end up in a compost facility for environmentally beneficial use.

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What to compost:

  • Forks
  • Knives
  • Spoons
  • Napkins
  • Coffee cups
  • Juice cups
  • Create bowls
  • Hot/Salad bar containers
  • Paper containers

What not to compost:

  • Food scraps
  • Liquids
  • Coffee cup lids
  • Soup containers
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