Are you a trail-blazing, sight-seeing hiker...

or maybe a Sunday-bruncher who savors a slow start to the day?

Our Bakeshop's been working double-time to fuel your summer activities and excursions! From their new Tropical Muesli and Antioxidant Trail Mix to their tried-and-true keto granola and waffle mix (gluten-free and vegan), they've perfected something nutritious and energizing for adventurers of all types. And in an effort to reduce single-use plastic, you'll find these new creations and more in glass mason jars, with a $2 refund available to anyone who returns their jar + lid to Customer Service.


Varieties available in glass currently include:

  • NEW Tropical Trail Mix (vegan, GFI)
  • NEW Tropical Museli (vegan)
  • NEW Waffle Mix (vegan, GFI) with preparation instructions
  • Keto Granola (vegan, GFI)
  • Grain-free Granola (vegan, GFI)
  • Lavender Shortbread Cookies
  • Biscotti Bites
  • Classic Granola (vegan)
  • Apple Cinnamon Sugar-Free Granola (vegan, GFI)

Find these new and classic recipes in our Bulk department's Zero Waste section. Happy, sustainable snacking!

A popular trend in west coast markets (looking at you, Erewhon) we're excited to expand our own glass & jar return program. Think of it in the same way you do milk jug returns: purchase an item in a labeled mason jar, return jar + lid when you're done at Customer Service, and voila - a $2 refund is yours!

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