WHY REGENERATIVE? Because nature got it right. 4.5 billion years later, it's time we recognize our only path forward is with nature, not against it.

Co-Founder, CEO, Land Steward Robby Sansom

We're fortunate to work with many brands that are passionate about sustainability and conserving our planet's resources.

It's not every day that we connect with one who disagrees. (Let us explain...)

Force of Nature Meats believe that "sustainability" is not enough to solve the complex global climate issues we're facing. They've built their business using Regenerative Agriculture principles to not just sustain but restore ecological health by focusing on the soil.

Dissatisfied with how our current agricultural model is depleting our soil's valuable "savings account" of nutrients, Forces of Nature Meats set about to create a new system and supply chain that works in nature's image to go beyond sustainable. Through their grazing practices, they replete the soil with essential nutrients, and in addition to creating more nutrient dense proteins for our consumption, the healthier our soil, the more able it is to sequester carbon and fight against climate change.

We applaud Force of Nature's determination to prove that properly managed animals can be a key tool in regenerating our natural resources and that this regenerative system can ensure a prosperous future for our civilization.

To show how Regenerative Agriculture works, they've illustrated the cycle here (visual learners, rejoice!)

Infographic via Force of Nature Meats

We're proud to offer Force of Nature Meats!

All Force of Nature animals are raised in environments that encourage the expression of their natural behaviors while consuming the diets that they were biologically engineered and evolved to eat. They believe that Mother Nature figured this one out a few hundred thousand years ago and it is their responsibility to allow these animals to behave like animals.

Our favorite part: the nutrition of organ meat meets the convenience and versatility of ground beef and bison!

Both blends you'll find on our shelves are ultra nourishing, combining the respective heart and liver meats with the 100% grass fed, paleo approved, domestically sourced ground beef and bison for elevated flavor and maximum nutrition.

If you're curious, read more about The Force of Nature's Land Steward Index (aka how they measure their dedication to their mission), then find their Regenerative Ancestral Ground Beef and Bison blends in our freezers on aisle 5!

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