4 Delicious Herbal Tea’s to Get You Through Winter

The cold of winter has officially settled in for the long haul, and staying warm is a challenge for many folks who find the cold, dampness of winter challenging. Winter is the ultimate season for herbal tea, and not only are hot herbal teas grounding and warming for the body, they also carry some powerful medicinal properties and nutrient support during the most energetically challenging season of the year. The ritual of drinking herbal tea carries a strong emotional component as well as a permission to slow down and sync with the grounding, hibernating
season that is winter. Sipping warm beverages (even just warm lemon water!), can enhance circulation, support healthy digestion, and calm the nervous system just with the simple act of taking a moment to sip consciously. Continue reading

Easing Stress | Making Lists

Not surprisingly, December is the month when the number one issue for almost everyone I see in health coaching appointments is stress. The end of the year brings all kinds of compounded feelings – goals not being met…work not getting finished by years end…running out of time for all of those social engagements that creep up. Although this truly is one of the most joyful times of year, for many people this can be the most stressful as increased responsibilities suck away any extra time and leave many people feeling frantic and stressed out. Continue reading

Roasted Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are extremely nutrient-dense, as they grow under ground and absorb nutrients from the soil. They are packed with antioxidants, Vitamins A, B and C plus iron, all of which help cleanse your system. Root vegetables are a combination of carbohydrates and fiber, making you feel full quickly, assist with regulating blood sugar and aiding in digestion. Continue reading

Batch Cook | Roasted Fall Veggies

Batch cooking – the lifesaving strategy for the busy folk. For most people, the week can creep up on us, and getting home late, forgetting to pack lunch or having no time to prep a healthy morning breakfast can completely throw off a week. That’s where batch cooking and a little thinking ahead can be incredibly helpful. Batch cooking is the practice of choosing 2-3 recipes and making them once per week to store for busier days. This could be something like a large vegetable frittata for breakfast, a pot of a whole grain salad or whole roasting a chicken for quick dinner protein. At least once a week, take a few minutes to plan out what you’d like to eat for a couple of meals (especially those meals when you know you wont have the time to prepare them) and go ahead and make all of them ahead of time when you have 1-2 hours on the weekends or a slower week night. This means you’ll always have at least one thing you can quickly grab that’s not fast food, snack food or sweets when you’re in a rush. Continue reading