In 2015, Ellwood Thompson’s acquired a new space at 3540 Floyd Avenue to serve as the headquarters for Ellwood’s core staff as well as a training center for new and current stewards.

The building has a rich history of health and wellness, making it a perfect fit for Ellwood’s. Formerly known as The Higgins Medical Office Building, our new space was home to physicians William Higgins and son William Higgins Jr. since the mid-1950s, and Doctors John Ashworth and Richard Gergoudis practiced there in later years. Health and wellness are core values at Ellwood’s. From the foods we serve to the classes we offer, health is deeply rooted in everything we do.

We are proud to be a part of the Museum District in Richmond, Virginia and to save this unique building.

During renovations, we were careful to preserve the building’s unique, mid-century beauty and integrity. These days, it’s all too common to see companies tearing down beautiful, historic buildings only to rebuild something with cheap materials and no attention to history or design. Ellwood's is a Benefit Corp which legally commits us to show each year positive impacts to our community - not just the bottom line. We hope that by preserving this building, we can give future generations a chance to take a peek back in time and see historic architecture first hand. We’re honored to be a part of its long history.

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