Zero Waste Store Tours: Learn to shop waste-free!

Are you interested in purchasing more mindfully and reducing your waste?  Whether you’re on a journey to reduce the amount of trash your household contributes to the landfill, you want to live more minimally, or you think packaging  is for the birds (well, not literally), reducing your waste has many benefits for our community, environment, wallet and world.

Learn more about put your interest into practice with Erica Well, Registered Dietitian and local champion of the waste reduction lifestyle.  In her weekly zero waste store tours, she will show you the ins and outs of shopping waste free (and maybe saving a dollar or two in the process).  She passionate, knowledgeable, and practiced! Learn her tips of the trade and leave with actionable tips to be a better steward of the environmental!

About Erica

Erica Wells is a registered dietitian and blogger behind “A Waste Not Kind Of Life.”  This Richmond native embarked on a journey towards a zero waste lifestyle earlier this year in response to the environmental destruction that is being caused by over-consumption.  She’s a wife and mother to a vivacious toddler with whom she enjoys sharing her love of nature and the outdoors.

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Tours are free and offered weekly but are limited to five attendees at a time.  Pick you tour date HERE!


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