Nourish’s Local Vendor of the Month: Virginia First Tea Farm


As we welcome July and the second full week of summer, our Nourish Department is highlighting their local vendor of the month, Virginia First Tea Farm!

VA First photo

Little Leaf, Big Benefits

Virginia First Tea Farm was founded on the belief that nature’s way is the best way, which is why they developed their own personal care and cleaning products that harness the power of green tea.  Nobody understands its restorative qualities better than they do, so why should we confine it to our kitchen cabinets?  Green tea’s antiviral, antibacterial properties make it an ideal ingredient in household cleansers, while its antioxidants and anti-inflammatories enrich skin and hair with unique nourishment and vitality.

Green tea has been treasured as a luxury ingredient since ancient times, and contemporary science confirms its virtues.  Today, it’s farmed right here in the US by hardworking families like VFTF’s. Virginia First Tea Farm products are American-made, all-natural, fully vegan and never tested on animals.  They couldn’t be more proud to bring the little leaf with big benefits out of the kitchen and into the rest of your home, and neither could we.

If you’re anything like them, you’ve lost trust in the big manufacturers of personal care and cleaning products.  VFTF wanted cleansers for themselves and their homes that were effective, restorative, and kind to our bodies and the planet.  That’s why they developed their own shampoos, soaps, and dish and laundry detergents with all-natural ingredients they are proud to stand behind.  They’re just our cup of tea -— and we think they’ll be yours as well!


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