Mourat For Mighty Milo


At Ellwoods, we love our community.  Without you we are nothing, and we always look for ways to give back to the people that make us what we are.  However, it’s rare that we find ourselves in the position to be able to directly assist someone so instrumental in helping us grow.

We’d like to introduce you to our good friends Mel and Kristen Sisaithong.  They’re two of the nicest people we know, and an important part of our Ellwoods family.  Mel has helped us immensely through the years, be it providing detailed information on the products we carry, developing our new house wines, or just bringing us awesome new products to share with you.  He got his start in the wine industry by working here a decade ago, and after a brief exodus he and his wife Kristen returned to Richmond to start their own family.  After four years of hope they were blessed with their first child, Milo.  However, Milo was born with HLHS, a severe heart defect, and is in need of a full transplant at just two weeks old.  The Mighty Milo fund was started to help the Sisaithong family with everything the road ahead holds for them, and we at Ellwood’s would like to help.

For each bottle of J Mourat Rosé sold, Ellwood will donate one dollar to help with Milo’s medical expenses.

We know that it’s going to be a long path, so we’re happy to do whatever possible to help one of our own.

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