INTRODUCING // The Green & Grind


We are proud to introduce The Green & Grind!

Our new, improved, and larger coffee, juice and smoothie bar. Check out our new menu here. Come by and get your organic health and wellness on!


We have also introduced a grab and go cold case for those in a  hurry. It is stocked with Blanchard’s iced coffee, iced tea, juices, green lemonades, refreshers and more!


Mid-Summer Recipe RoundUp

Now is the time of abundance. Gardens are overflowing with tomatoes, squash, chard, kale, okra, peppers, corn – you name it. Mid summer is a bountiful time for deliciously fresh meals… and it’s also REALLY hot. Around this time, I don’t always feel like standing in my non-air conditioned kitchen with a hot stove/oven pouring our more stagnant hot air, so I look for cooling, minimal cook recipes to keep both my body and my house cool. Here are some of my favorite recipes I’ve been trying lately:

Summer Veggie Burgers: I love a good veggie burger. This recipe utilizes tons of fresh summer produce to create some delicious, savory and hearty burgers (with the option to make your own buns, too!).

Garlic Ginger Collard Greens with Eggs and Feta: I had a similar version of this just this morning (only I used my abundance of chard in place of collards) and it’s DELICIOUS. An easy, relatively quick morning recipe for a filling and nutritious breakfast.

Sweet Pea and Pearl Onion Zucchini Noodles: So simple. So easy to prepare and perfect for the hot summer lunches or dinners!.

Asian Kale Salad: This is a wonderful way to incorporate lots of macrobiotics into one meal while also indulging in fresh kale and cabbage 🙂

Spicy Basil and Sweet Corn Succotash: This has almost all of my favorite summer goodies – corn, heirloom tomatoes, basil and garbanzo beans. Make aplenty of leftovers and tastes great warm or cold!.

Spicy Tai Coconut Ramen: Cooling coconut and cilantro balance the warmer spice of this delicious dish, Serve warm or room temp too!

And some beverages———-

Bloody Good Watermelon Juice: This is SO refreshing and an awesome way to use up those giant watermelons (and beets!). An easy way to stay hydrated while also getting extra nutrients 🙂

Herbal Summer Soother Tea: I put this one together a few weeks ago as an herbal cold-brew formula that’s also packed with minerals, vitamin C and bursting with flavor.

Water Kefir Sodas: if you haven’t tried these from Farmstead Ferments yet – they’re absolutely amazing!


Lindsay Kluge M.Sc, CNS, LDN |


House of Lukaya banner

There are a lot of reasons to love Lucretia Jones.

One our longest-standing Nourish vendors, House of Lukaya was born from Lucretia’s passion for plants and people.  She is dedicated to promoting herbal wellness through her line of clean, simply made skin care products.

After her first venture into making her own toothpaste in 2001, Lucretia has since expanded House of Lukaya to include body, face and hair products.  Did we mention she is also a Doula, teaches classes to those who share her interest in plants and herbalism, and is a former employee of Ellwood Thompson’s?

All August, enjoy an in-store discount on House of Lukaya products, and meet Lucretia herself on August 21st from noon to 2PM as she samples her products in store!

GIVEAWAY // Win a New Bed for Your Pet!

Scrappy Shares pic

Innovators in natural and organic pet foods since 2000, Castor & Pollux knows how to care for the health of our furry family members.  And now they’re here to help them rest a little easier too. They’ve given us 2 new beds, just for your four-legged friends!

All July, enter to win one for your cat or dog with any purchase of a Castor & Pollux pet food product! Simply show your receipt at Customer Service to enter.  Seriously, your pet will thank you.

Summer Kombucha

Over the past 6 weeks, I can’t stop drinking kombucha. There’s something about this cooling, sweet vinegary probiotic filled fizzy drink that my body has been really craving. And, actually, it’s probably for all of those delicious reasons. During the Summer months, it’s much easier to become overheated (not just with the weather but also with an over-heated digestive tract). Some people of Pitta nature can struggle in the summer, as the excess heat can exacerbate their already warm constitution. By incorporating more cooling, pitta balancing foods like coconut, cilantro, cardamom, coriander, vinegars and leafy greens, we can help to balance increasing heat in a pitta individual.

Kombucha seems to really hit those areas for me. With a vinegar-like astringency coupled with it’s naturally fermented sweetness and probiotic richness, it not only helps to balance excess heat, it maintains a healthy gut flora by increasing your probiotic intake on a daily basis. Win win.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea (usually a high tannin content tea like black tea) that ferments with a “scoby” or starter culture. This scoby is a combination of bacteria and yeast that symbiotically work together to ferment tea + a sugar into kombucha. After fermenting for 14-30 days, the resulting beverage has a natural effervescence and probiotic punch that aids digestion and decreases systemic heat. It can be consumed daily for the probiotic benefits for those with chronic or even occasional digestive upset.

I’ll be the first to admit that kombucha has a pretty funky smell, and after the first taste or two, you may never want to try it a third time. But I would encourage to give it a solid effort and try several different kinds. Most people I’ve talked to didn’t care for kombucha at first, but very quickly came to be obsessed with it not only for it’s (acquired) delicious taste, but for continued digestive support. My personal favorite kombucha is Barefoot Bucha (from Nelson County) and also GT’s which is more widely available.


You can also easily make your own for a fun, at-home medicinal project. When I make kombucha, I like to flavor it with pure fruit juice like pomegranate, cranberry or mango juice. Flavoring to your liking can really enhance the experience, so experiment with several batches until you find just the right combination for your taste buds.

What if you just can’t get on board with Kombucha?

Not to worry. There are plenty of other ways to get the naturally fermented probiotics into your digestive tracts while also benefiting from the cooling astringent properties of fermented foods. Eating things like Kimchi, Sauerkraut, miso, kefir, yogurt and tempeh are all excellent ways to incorporate the same beneficial probiotics into your daily nutrition routine. Summer is the best time to try these cooling foods, and Ellwood Thompsons has lots to choose from!

Read more about fermentation here!


Lindsay Kluge M.Sc, CNS, LDN |


july 2015 NP banner

Mac’s Smack is a small skincare company based in Hanover, VA. They create socially conscious small batch balms designed for the mind, body and adventures. The business model is simple, create pure products that people love and inspire positive change and growth in our community. They are partnered with local and global organizations that help make our communities healthier and happier and are dedicated to using sustainable business practices that promote a healthier environment and reduces their carbon footprint on the planet. They source local and organic ingredients for their premium formulas with a reasonable price tag.

They believe in doing good, being better and spreading love.

About the Founder: McKenzie Payne combined her desires for healthy living and helping others by designing Mac’s Smack in 2011. She is grateful to be pursuing her passions and following her dreams and hopes you feel moved to use our products and love the results as much as she does!