It’s Hemp History Week!


We celebrate Hemp History Week to increase education around & our local farmers’ opportunities to grow this wonder plant.  From improving your health to providing greener building material options, this ultra-versatile plant can be used in thousands of ways! And yet, US farmers are not allowed to grow it because of dated laws that lump it into the illegal category (despite the fact it is THC-free and harmless.)

Join our efforts this week by educating yourself, your family and your friends on how hemp can make your body, our community, economy and environment better!

We’ve got in-store samplings of hemp products all week, from bars to seeds, oils to recipes. Plus, our friends from the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition will be here Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with samples and information about their efforts to legalize hemp farming in our state (and why it’s so important!)

Interested in learning more about the nutritional power-house are are hemp seeds and oil? Besides being the only seed to have the perfect ratio of Omega 3’s to Omega 6’s, they contain very digestible protein, lots of fiber, and much more.

Wrap up Hemp History Week with a bang as we invite folks from all over Virginia to join us for a screening  and panel discussion of Bringing It Home at the historic Byrd Theatre in Carytown, sponsored by VIHC, Hemp Dog Cafe.  This documentary tells the story of hemp: past, present and future and a global industry that includes textiles, building materials, food products, bio-plastics, auto parts and more.

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