JUST IN // Potter’s Family Farm Beef


Hand Raised, All Natural, Locally Grown and Custom Butchered Meats from the Potter Family Farm!


For seven generations the Potter family has been a family of farmers.  From the oldest to the youngest they all have a hand in tending to the animals.  They are very passionate about the beef industry and excited about local consumers enjoying our beef.


They feed out only the best of their calves.  Their animals are hand fed and cared for in small groups.  This allows them to observe each animal’s performance, which ensures that each animal is harvested at the right time.

The calves are raised on grass for the majority of their lives.  No hormones or antibiotics are ever introduced to these high quality cattle.  Approximately 145 days before harvest, the best calves are selected from our larger herd.  For 130 days, they live in a large barnyard, with ample room to move around and grass to supplement the finishing feed.  Feeding takes place in a clean barn with sawdust covered concrete floor.  The cattle are free to move from the barn to the barnyard at will.


Once selected, the cattle are fed a custom mixture of farm-grown silage, brewers grain (hops, and other byproducts of beer production) and pelleted corn.  The mixture is fresh and tasty and produces a beef that is subtly marbled and extraordinarily tasty.


A wonderful, well-marbled, tasty beef.  Much more flavorful than pure grass fed beef, their meat comes from cattle who are hand managed from beginning to end.

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