Now Serving Only Local Pasture-Raised Eggs in our Bakery and Deli!


Our eggs are proudly provided by Shepherds Hill Farm via the Local Food Hub. Shepherds Hill Farm is located in Standardsville, VA, just 83 miles from Ellwood’s.

What is “Pasture-Raised”?

“Pasture-raised” means that the chickens freely roam grassy pastures during the day and access a shelter at night to safely lay their eggs while being protected from predators.

About Shepherds Hill Farm

It is difficult to believe that the Bontragers have been in residence at Shepherds Hill Farm since just March 2010. Granted, this family of 10 has many hands to share the work (Glen and Margaret, with children Anthony, Vivian, Joshua, Kalandra, Amber, Katrina, and Kaiya, plus Veronica who is on mission in Honduras).

By adapting an existing barn surrounded by grassy pasture and outfitting it with wooden laying boxes, perches, and egg shelves, the Bontragers keep around 600 laying hens. Glen supervises daily chicken care, plus egg collection and the cleaning, sorting, and packing that prepares the eggs for Local Food Hub and other markets.

From April until October, the Bontragers also cultivate strawberries in what Glen describes as a “low tech greenhouse” – that is, rather than relying on a heat source, the climate is controlled by a hand-crank vent, an insulating layer of air, and shadecloth. The Bontragers grow four plants per pot and stack four pots vertically per thin irrigation line – even at 2992 plants, harvested 3 times a week for six months, it’s never enough fragrant, tender berries!

Our Commitment to Local

The addition of Shepherd’s Hill Farm’s eggs in our prepared foods represents a big milestone for us in our continued commitment to use the cleanest, best local ingredients we can find.

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