INTRODUCING // Lockhart Family Farm Rare-Breed Pork


Starting Friday, March 13th, we are proud to add local, heritage breed pork from Lockhart Family Farm to our meat selection!  Sustainably-raised just 35 miles from our store, Lockhart Family Farm is internationally renowned for their superior animal husbandry.  Run by two generations of Lockharts, the farm is rooted in permaculture and other natural farming techniques, raising rare and heritage breed pigs and poultry with a strong focus around community and education.

Specifically, we will be carrying Mulefoot pork, a breed unlike any you’ll find in big box grocery stores, requiring more time and expertise to raise than traditional commodity pork.  This practice produces some of the reddest, best marbled, finest tasting pork you have experienced, and its a favorite among many local chefs.

By offering a constant supply of fresh, local Mulefoot pork, we and Lockhart Family Farm are taking big step forward in introducing Slow Food’s “Ark of Taste” meat products to our community, something that is near and dear to the Lockhart family’s hearts.

In addition to running the family farm, co-owner Josiah Lockhart also sits on the board of Slow Food RVA and as well as the Slow Meat committee,  a group of international experts in the sustainable meat industry which collaborates with Slow Food USA to create a better meat industry.

We encourage you to try it for yourself and to learn more about the importance of preserving rare breeds to promote regional biodiversity and food security.

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