TASTING // Mango Habanero Brown Ale by LCCB

1.12.15 LCCB Mango Habanero Tasting

Thursday, February 12th from 5 to 7PM, meet us in the Indulge Department to sample Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery’s Estate Series Mango Habanero Brown Ale!

Something a little sweet and spicy  just in time for Valentine’s Day, this Mango Habanero Brown Ale is a unique approach to an American Brown Ale.  Higher in ABV than most of its counterparts, and being an LCCB beer, hoppier too.  But that’s not all, its unique flavor derives from the Virginia 6 row barley they used, which was grown on the same property the brewery is housed.  Fresh Mango flavor provides the sweetness and Mexican grown Habaneros provide the spice. It burns so good!

We’ll have this limited edition brew available for sale in 750 ml bottles.

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