6 Reasons our Runner’s Bars Rock!

1.8.15 runners bar banner

Maybe you’ve been a runner all your life, or maybe you have resolved to lace up the sneakers more in 2015. Whatever your cause for cardio may be, our Runner’s Bars are your new best friend and here’s why!

  1. All bars are made with low-glycemic coconut sugar.
  2. The recipes are specially formulated to meet your body’s specific pre and post-workout carb-to-protein ratio needs.
  3. They’re fortified with MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), which aids in joint repair & maintenance, muscle recovery, and metabolic processes like energy & hormone production.
  4. Our bars are packed with nutrients to fuel your work out & recovery, including Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium & Potassium.
  5. Vegan? Omnivore? We’ve got you both covered!
  6. They are made locally with love by Nettie’s Naturally.

Here’s what some resident Richmond runners had to say about the bars:

“Need a small, quick snack to hold you over until after a run? The pre-training runner’s bar is very tasty and provides the essential nutrients for any run!” – Spencer Beasley | Store Manager, Road Runner Running Store

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