Don’t Chuck That Shuck!


With the Governor declaring November the Official Oyster Month in Virginia, what better time to announce our new partnership with the Virginia Oyster Shell Recycling Program!

Bring your oyster shells to our Meat & Seafood Department and we’ll return them to VA Oyster Shell Recycling Program at the VCU Rice Rivers Center.  Once received, VOSRP’s begins the process of returning them to the Chesapeake to grow new oysters and help restore the Bay.

Each oyster returned will be the new home to 24 baby oysters (called spats) which, once fully grown, will have the ability to filter over 50 gallons of water each per day and create habitat for other important fisheries in the VA portion of the Bay, all as part of comprehensive Bay restoration initiatives. In addition to helping the Bay, recycling your shells also supports our local commercial fishing industry by growing new oysters to sustain their businesses.

To look at this from another perspective, one dozen Chesapeake farm raised oysters will filter approximately 330,000 gallons in their lifetime. Therefore, eating one dozen oysters is similar to sponsoring 330,000 gallons of clean water! And three dozen is similar to sponsoring 1,000,000 gallons of clean water! We think that’s pretty impressive.

Through the VA Oyster Shell Recycling Program, Richmond has already generated more than 15 tons of oyster shells that would have otherwise been sent to the landfill.

Stop by our Seafood Department today to purchase local oysters from Windmill Point Oyster Co. and do your part in sponsoring clean water in the Bay! (Just be sure to bring the shells back when you’re done…)

For more information on VOSRP and its partners, visit their website here.

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