Ellwood’s Holiday Catering


The holidays are known to get messy and stressful – it’s a common fact. Instead of letting the chaos sneak up on you, let the amazing cooks, bakers, and wine advocates take care of the work this season for you. Once again, Ellwood’s is offering up our services to you and your holidays with the intention of making them the cleanest, simplest, and best holiday ever. Whether it’s an entire holiday meal or just a side, we’ve got you covered. Ready to see the menu?

Holiday menus are always available at the customer service desk or you can simply download them from the links below. All order forms are in PDF format.

1. Our FULL DESCRIPTIVE MENU with tasting notes and description. Know exactly what you’re ordering before you order it. This is not an order form, just a description of all the items we’re offering. Download the menu here.

When it comes to the holidays, the sooner you can place an order with us, the better. All Thanksgiving orders need to be placed before November 22nd and Christmas orders before December 20th. Please place your orders in-store with the deli, bakery, or at customer service.

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