Local Vendor of the Month: APOTHEC

Local V of Month - Apothec


APOTHEC is a diverse line of all natural products hand crafted in small batches by a family of women here in Richmond, Virginia, designed to nurture both body + senses.

THEIR STORY | Tricia Boor founded APOTHEC as the culmination of years spent perfecting her craft. As a certified massage therapist and master aesthetician, Tricia has developed and produced her own line of hand made all natural products, owned and operated Richmond’s first organic wellness spa, and cultivated a loyal following of healed and happy customers through the art of massage, skincare and aromatherapy. APOTHEC represents the fusion of her endeavors.

CH ESSENTIALS | formerly named Copper Hill Essentials, CH Essentials is their own line of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and handcrafted blends to relieve pain, calm the senses + more.

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