JUST IN // CHACE Chia Bars

Liz Kiniry

CHACE chia bars were created for people who seek healthy, tasty snacks. they provide the sustained energy that is needed whether you’re working out, competing in a race, need a mid-morning or mid-afternoon treat, or want a healthy lunchbox addition.

Each all-natural ingredient has been handpicked for maximum function and flavor. In fact, you would be likely to have many of the ingredients in your own pantry. They are vegan, dairy free, soy free and delicious. The combination of chia seeds, nuts and oats provides added protein to your diet and makes them a great source of fiber. Chia seeds, known for their sustained-energy effects, give you the kind of constant energy that will get you through a high-intensity workout or an afternoon slump. The labels are real and understandable and a smart choice for your body and your family. We also don’t add any preservatives to the bars for added health.

Created by a classically trained chef and athlete, CHACE chia bars are made to have flavor in addition to their many healthful attributes. Founder, Liz Kiniry, created the bars after searching for pre-workout fuel that could sustain long training runs. Most of the nutrition and energy bars she found either had function, but lacked flavor or they had flavor, but the ingredient lists were extensive and too mysterious.

CHACE chia bars are the perfect union of good ingredients that have been blended for maximum health benefits. They are especially good as a snack for children since they taste so good. Bite into one today and see what makes CHACE chia bars a smart choice for your body and your taste buds. You owe it to yourself to know what you’re eating and to fuel your body with the right food that comes from the best sources.


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