Local Vendor Of The Month: Box Brown Imports

06.14 Box Brown

June’s vendor is Box Brown Imports, run by Richmond native Alex Lawrence, specializes in men’s shaving and body care products. Every product is loaded with essential oils and botanical ingredients. These all natural skincare products are geared toward treating sensitive, irritated to normal skin.

Alex E. Lawrence, Jr. grew up in Richmond, VA, attended Norfolk State University, and graduated with a B. A. in sociology. Alex began his career in skincare after wrestling with the difficulties of shaving and breakouts. After developing a natural solution for himself, Alex was compelled to share this discovery with others, which is now known as the Boxology of Shaving.

The inspiration for our name Box Brown comes from the ingenuity of Henry “Box ” Brown, a 19th century Virginia slave who escaped to freedom by arranging to have himself mailed from Richmond to Philadelphia abolitionists in a wooden crate.

To Alex, each handcrafted skincare product gives you the freedom to experience healthy and invigorating skin!

Box Brown Imports has been featured in many publications, including Richmond Magazine, Urban Views Weekly, and Essence Magazine.


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