Local Vendor of the Month: Iris Co.


Owners Katie Coleman and Erin Hall are women’s health nurses who began making safe skincare products to compliment, enhance & support women throughout their lives. Iris Co. skincare products are FREE of parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, mineral oil and unnecessary chemicals or added preservatives. Iris only uses 100% therapeutic grade essential oils – no artificial fragrances or perfumes. Products are NEVER tested on animals and are vegan-friendly!


Iris Oils are four unique essential oil blends that compliment each stage of labor. These blends naturally support the specific needs of the laboring mother during childbirth.

Riding the Waves is our blend for early/latent labor. It uses the gentle scents of lavender, rose & sandalwood to calm, relax & encourage rest when labor is just beginning.

Doing the Work is used during active labor when contractions strengthen and become more frequent. This blend contains essentials oils that help support contractions and relieve pain while keeping you focused.

Keeping the Faith was created for transition when anxiety and fear can rise and courage can falter. Essential oils like frankincense and sandalwood promote self-confidence.

Pushing Through is for the final stage of labor when you need to restore energy for delivery. The essential oils of peppermint & rosemary will see you through while the effects of vetiver will keep tension away.

“…she told me she couldn’t do it. I reached for the last oil in the pack and rubbed it on her shoulders. The mother inhaled and was immediately transformed. Energy and strength exuded from her and her baby was born just a few pushes later.” -Helen Joy George (doula & birth photographer)

“During transition, I became very nauseated, my doula put a small amount of the Keeping the Faith on a cool washcloth and placed it behind my neck. The smell was wonderful and the nausea lifted.” -C.C.