Local Vendor of the Month: Mac's Smack


Mac’s Smack’s business model is simple, they create all natural products that people love and inspire change and positive growth in our community. Although they are a small company, social and environmental responsibility is a priority and focus of the team. They care about you, their customers, and they believe in being part of something bigger than themselves that is why they have partnered up with local and global organizations that encourage and advance philanthropy. Simply put, kitchen-made with some serious love.

Mac's Lipbalm

Luke’s Dream: Scented with Vanilla and Orange this baby will do more than replenish and protect your lips. It is a little nostalgia trip back to the days of buying Creamsicles from the ice cream truck.

Mighty Mint: When you need that extra hit of mint to give you a swift kick in the pucker. Mighty Mint is a fan favorite and will keep you protected in any weather condition.

Fairy Glam: Well what can we say? We’ve added a little fairy dust to bring out the princess in you. Do not doubt the princess, she packs a mean punch and she can hold her own against the weather conditions too.

Vanilla Bomb: Warm and sweet, there is enough oomph in this guy to lift your spirits and possibly get you a date. Don’t let the sweet scent fool you, this balm can stand up to the toughest elements.

Vegan Soother: Certified Vegan with hints of grapefruit and lime. Made with 100% plant based ingredients. Rock on!

Intense Healing: Think super intense and super amazing all in one. That’s what we think. Created for those especially unruly lips that just need a little more love. Minty and fresh for all weather conditions!


Ultimate Fix: The balm that’s got it going on! Loaded with healing ingredients to protect and replenish your face and body. This balm can help prevent chafing, fix a bad hair day, great for dry hands, elbows and feet, scrapes, scars, bug bites, lips, even a baby’s bum. Come to think of it, this could even help a bad date. 2oz.


Your Best Skin: Give your skin the respect it deserves with this luxurious body moisturizer. Scented with orange essential oil, this moisture rich body butter is designed to give thirsty skin an attitude adjustment. Apply after the shower or when you feel inclined. 8oz.