Zoë Goes Running

Who says a woman can’t do the Tour de France?

Meet Zoë Romano

Zoë is RUNNING the 2000+ mile trek through France in an effort to raise money for the World Pediatric Project (WPP).

Zoë strongly holds the belief that everyone is capable of achieving the extraordinary and that endurance athletics are a powerful platform for advocating this philosophy. Her mission is to engage local and global communities in her odyssey running as a way to inspire them to not just dream big dreams, but to go do them.

Zoë is running the entire course of the Tour de France in effort to make history, raise money for the World Pediatric Project (WPP), and to prove that anything is possible if you dream big and simply begin.

Ellwood Thompson’s is sponsoring two days of here run, MAY 30 and 31!  We checked in with Zoë and here is what she had to say, click here.

What lies ahead is 2,000+ miles along a scenic but grueling course elevation changes equivalent to three and a half Mount Everest climbs. She’ll start six weeks ahead of the peloton, finishing the day before them in Paris. To accomplish this task in nine weeks, she’ll run an average of 30 miles each day. Together with filmmaker Alexander Kreher documenting her journey, she hopes to raise significant funds and awareness to benefit WPP and the thousands of children who will benefit from its services.

Follow her journey here.