Love Your Mother 2013

At Ellwood Thompson’s we think loving your mother is a 365 day per year job but in honor the of the national holiday, and as an excuse to go above and beyond our daily rigors of solar power, sustainable building materials, composting, envirocredits, low flow toilets, bulk items, no plastic bags, and purchasing over 600 items locally, we’re going to really show the love and want you to join us!  Here’s what we have going on for “Love Your Mother Day” more commonly referred to as “Earth Day.”

  • We are GIVING AWAY 100 tree saplings, with our partners over at Sneads Nursery, to the first 100 customers!  We open at 7am so don’t be late!
  • We’re discouraging the sale of bottled water by roping off the entire section!  If you can stand to go without a bottle of water that day, please do!
  • Our walking/biking/skipping/hopping envirocredit is jumping up to $2 per customer, per transaction, for the entire day!
  • There is an all day 10% discount on bulk water. Buy it in bulk and save on packaging!