Planning Your Summer Garden

Amy Hicks is visiting Ellwood Thompson’s Community Room, April 3rd at 6:00PM to share her tips and tricks for Summer vegetable and fruit gardens.

Amy’s Garden is a USDA Inspected Certified Organic farm; on her farm they never use herbicides, harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. As organic farmers, they strive to build soil life by utilizing compost, organic mulches and crop rotation, which help keep the land healthy and productive for future generations. They also plant cover crops which fix nitrogen, add organic matter to the soil and provide habitat areas for beneficial insects and wildlife. This unique set of strategies allows the farm to integrate farm production with longer-term environmental goals.

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Wednesday, April 3rd  /  6:00-7:30PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Amy Hicks, Amy’s Organic Garden


Come learn how to plan your Summer garden with Amy Hicks.  She will sharing a variety of great and heirloom produce that performs well in this part of Virginia.  She will covering “organic gardening 101” topics such as: easy to grow vegetables, organic fertilizers, pest control strategies and times to plant for succession planting.





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