Introducing Barefoot Bucha!

There is no question that we love Kombucha at Ellwood Thompson!  We drink it like we can’t get it the next day and have tons of varieties and brands.  But what we have always wanted is a locally made kombucha to enjoy!  And that is just what we found — and we have it on tap: introducing Virginia’s premier manufactures, Barefoot Bucha!

Founded in 2010 this husband and wife team (Ethan and Kate Zuckerman) began delivering weekly shares of barefoot kombucha to a handful of clienetle in Charlottesville, Virginia using the same kombucha culture Ethan began brewing a decade ago.  Working with select ingredients to create a refreshing and unique flavor, Barefoot Bucha is delicious!  It comes in six flavors (classic, ginger, elderflower sunrise, hint of mint, plum blossom, and kombuChai), uses fair trade and certified raw organic ingredients with pure Nelson County mountain water and is fermented with tea that originated in Eurasia approximately 2,000 years ago!

With Barefoot Bucha’s innovative “fountain” model, we can be more sustainable!  You can now purchase a bottle, and bring it back for refill’s – saving money and mother earth!  Be sure to ask for assitance when you arrive and we will get you squared away whether you are just getting started or in for a refill.

About kombucha:  Kombucha is a naturally carbonated, fermented tea that originated in Eurasia approximately 2,000 years ago. It is considered healthful to the digestive system for its probiotic content, amino acids, and active enzymes, and has become increasingly popular in the United States in the past few years.