October = Fair Trade Month!

What is Fair Trade: A trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, disadvantaged producers and workers.

Fair Trade goods are just that. Fair. From far-away farms to your shopping cart, products that bear the fair trade logo come from farmers and workers who are justly compensated.  Fair Trade helps farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities.  They are a nonprofit, but they don’t do charity. Instead, they teach disadvantaged communities how to use the free market to their advantage. With Fair Trade USA, the money you spend on day-to-day goods can improve an entire community’s day-to-day lives.

Take the Pledge:  Show your support of Fair Trade and Fair Trade products by making a pledge to do so on the Fair Trade website.  Click here to make the pledge.