ET Pulls Hershey Products From Shelves

Ellwood Thompsons has decided to pull Dagoba bars from our shelves.  The Hershey Company, which is the manufacturer of Dagoba Chocolates needs to be held accountable for exploiting children for profit.  In August, a coalition of forty-one independent natural food stores and co-ops called on the Hershey Company to meet the standard set by its competitors and fully commit to using ethically sourced cocoa.  About 35 percent of the world’s chocolate is grown on small farms in the Ivory Coast. According to a U.S. Government-funded study, over 1.8 million children work in West Africa’s cocoa industry. Many of these children are exposed to dangerous working conditions and some are even sold off to perform grueling labor on cocoa farms.  Hershey’s failure to commit to purchase significant portions of ethically-sourced cocoa contrasts with the proactive commitments demonstrated by its major competitors and goes against our core store values.  Until Hershey takes a stand on this issue we will no longer support any products that they produce.