A Goodbye to Nichole!

On the left, Leigh Rodgers, on the right, Nichole Bower.

For the past 12 years Nichole Bower has allowed Ellwood Thompson’s to be part of the backdrop of her life.  Nichole started at Ellwood’s in 99′ in the deli as baker. She then moved to the wine department and developed her pallet, knowledge of wine and all the other deliciousness that is part of the Indulge Department. She has kept us all stocked with amazing wine and beer ever since. Nichole bought her first home from another Ellwood’s employee, she met and married her Husband while at Ellwood’s, planned her wedding during her time here, and we all have had the opportunity to watch her grow into motherhood.  It was amazing.  She is amazing.

Please join us in congratulating  Nichole and her family as they continue their journey, in Atlanta.  It is hard to imagine Ellwood’s without Nichole – so we won’t.  We will wish her well, plaster pictures of her everywhere and say, see you soon.

If you get the chance to come in before the 16th, make sure you give Nichole a pat on the back! We love you Nichole!