Organic Farmers Protest in Manhattan

Farmers from Saskatchewan and South Dakota, Mississippi and Massachusetts who provide organic produce protested in Manhattan as their lawyers told a judge that they were no longer able to keep genetically modified crops from their fields.  Last year, the Agriculture Department said that crops would not necessarily lose their organic status if they were found to have some transgenic content.

In October, an online campaign called Just Label It began collecting signatures and comments on a petition to the F.D.A., requesting rules similar to those in the European Union, Japan, China, India and Australia, stating what transgenic food is in the package. (For example, an ingredients list might say “genetically engineered corn” instead of just “corn.”)  If organic produce is important to you, be sure to join the “Just Label it” campaign, as well as vote and speak out in support of organic farmers in order to keep GMO seeds out of organic crops.

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