The Dish Of The Week: Farro!

If you’re like me you knew nothing about farro before reading this post.  It’s an old grain that is said to be one of the first domesticated plants and dates back to pre-Roman times. Farro is a really cool distant cousin of modern wheat and is very similar in texture and taste to spelt.  Farro has twice the fiber of wheat and the cyanogenic glucosides found in farro have been found to stimulate the immune system, lower cholesterol and help maintain blood sugar levels.  However, if you are a person that needs to be gluten free farro may not work for you.  The gluten molecules are weaker than modern wheat, making it more easily digested  but farro does contain gluten. We are featuring farro on our hot bar in the store this week.  If you are curious about it, stop by and try some of our dishes!  Click here for some cool Farro Recipes.