Celebrate…the active lifestyle!

Being active is something we talk about all the time at Ellwood Thompsons Local Market.  Being active as well as eating properly are all things that will help you live a happy, healthy and long life.  Being active has benefits like preventing diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and more.  There are a bunch of cool groups and organizations in Richmond dedicated to getting us all moving.  A great new initiative by  Richmond Sports Backers will help to support more options for us all to get “Active RVA.”

Active RVA  is a region-wide initiative to increase physical activity in our communities and it was born out of the Sports Backers’ expansion of its mission to make the Richmond region the most physically active region in the United States, according to Megan Schultz of the Sports Backers.  Here are some of the Active RVA objectives:

  • Build a coalition of local fitness companies and organizations to jointly promote physical activity.
  • Make the greater Richmond area more walkable and bikeable.
  • Develop programs and collaborations to encourage the growth and expansion of fitness activities.
  • Develop programs and infrastructure to encourage the growth and expansion of youth fitness activities and programs.