"Forever Fruit" Organic Herbal Tea by Frontier

Frontier was one of the first suppliers to actively advocate organic products and organic agriculture.  They work with an array of products, but at Ellwood Thompson we especially like their organic teas. They carried there first organic products in 1978, and became a certified organic processor as soon as that program was available.  Frontier has over three decades of experience in organics — and a dedicated expert staff that continues to work to provide the best quality organic products available.

One of our favorite organic Frontier herbal teas is “Forever Fruit”. Blades of lemon grass, red rosehips, hibiscus petals and orange peel will give you a fragrant, sweet lemony aroma with a beautiful pinkish purple color.   The Rose Hipsand Hibiscus provide a great source of Vitamin C!  We carry Forever Fruit in the bulk section of our store.  You can purchase just enough for a cup or you can fill up your jar for storage of cups later!