Wednesday's Hot Bar 08/31/11

SOUPS: gazpacho, lentil stew, chicken and rice soup, cream of cauliflower, beer and cheese soup

RAW: Italian pickled + zucchini salad, raw cole slaw, raw kale salad

VEGAN FOODS: ater kik alicha, Nile’s gomen, piment0-jalapeno corn, roasted cauliflower with tomatoes, brown basmati rice, black beans, tamarind rice, curried cabbage, aloo gobhi, vegetable korma, chole saag, sugar snap peas with fennel, mixed steamed veggies, steamed broccoli

VEGETARIAN FOODS: five cheese macaroni, roasted butternut squash

MEATS: curried chicken, chicken tikka masala, chicken samosas, kung pao chicken, pineapple jerk pork loin

*Hotbar is subject to change throughout the day without notice.

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We’re excited to now offer Sistema’s KLIP-IT lunch and bulk storage containers in our store. In continuing efforts to offer more reusable containers and cut back on packaging, Sistema’s containers are meant to be used over and over again. You’ll find them on aisle 4 with other containers as well as featured on the top of our hot bar.

What’s the benefit to using Sistema containers? Well, first off all, we’re offering a 25-cent discount when you use the containers for your hot bar or salad bar purchase. Not only do you save 25-cents, but you eliminate the waste of a to-go container. Sistema containers are also BPA-free, made from 100% virgin plastic so there’s never any chemical taste to your food.

For more information on Sistema containers, ask our customer service desk.

Tuesday's Hot Bar 08/30/11

SOUPS: gazpacho, lentil stew, spicy vegetable chicken soup, turkey chili, miso soup

RAW FOODS: summer citrus slaw, living cole slaw, raw kale salad

VEGAN FOODS: brown basmati rice, black beans, English peas with caramelized onions, gingered squash, roasted corn and black bean compote, mixed steamed veggies, citrus slaw salad, homestyle dilled potato salad, three bean salad, artichoke salad, nappa slaw, vegan pasta salad

VEGETARIAN: pimento-jalapeno corn, homestyle mashed potatoes, squash & sprout orzo salad, Greek wheat berry salad

MEAT: homestyle chicken salad, homestyle tuna salad

*Hotbar is subject to change throughout the day without notice.

Saturday Hot Bar 8/27/11

MEATS: Rainbow Trout Stuffed w/ Pesto & Asparagus, Ranchero Casserole, Pineapple Jerk Pork, Coq Au Vin Blanc, Tequilla Lime Chicken, Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo, Braised Red Cabbage w/ Pork

VEGAN: Pimento-Jalapeno Corn, Ratatouille, Steamed Broccoli, Brown Basmati Rice, Black Beans, Spanish Rice, Ancho Lime Pinot Beans, Yucatan Veggies, Curried Cabbage

VEGAN BAR (served at 1:00): Vegan Mashed Potatoes, Tofu Cacciatore, Vegan Buffalo Bites, Cous Cous Paella

RAW BAR (vegan): Italian Pickled Zucchini Salad, Living Coleslaw, Raw Kale Salad

VEGETARIAN: Homestyle Mashed Potatoes

SOUPS: Spicy Chicken Vegetable Soup, Turkey Chili, Miso Soup (vegan)

BREAKFAST (served until 1:00): Huevos Rancheros Wrap (vegetarian), Pork Sausage Patties, Blueberry Spice Panackes (vegan), Vegan Biscuitsm Vegan Breakfast Potatoes, Pork Bacon, Cheesy Eggs (vegetarian), Vegan Sausage Gravy, Yellow Grits (vegetarian)

SALAD BAR PREPARED SELECTIONS: Fiesta Chicken, Homestyle Chicken Salad, Homestyle Tuna Salad, Greek Wheatberry Salad (vegetarian), Basil Parmesan Pasta Salad (vegetarian), Three Bean Salad (vegan), Citrus Cous Cous (vegan), Broccoli & Cranberry Salad (vegan), Chived Potato Salad (vegan), Vegan Nappa Coleslaw, Thai Rice Salad (vegan), Yedinich Salata (vegan), Azifa (vegan)

* Hot Bar items subject to change throughout the day without notice.

Friday's Hot Bar 08/26/11

SOUPS: spicy onion soup, spicy chicken and veggie soup, turkey chili, potato & leek soup

RAW FOODS: Italian pickled zucchini salad, summer citrus salad, raw kale salad

VEGAN FOODS: vegan loaded mashed potatoes, blackened tofu with veggies, coconut curried tofu, taco shells, wheat tortillas, spanish rice, tvp, refried beans, brown basmati rice, black beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, fajita veggies, ancho lime pinto beans, Yucatan veggies, steamed broccoli

MEAT: blackened talapia, shredded seasoned chicken, seasoned ground turkey, pork carnitas, carne asada, rancher casserole, tequila lime chicken

*Hotbar is subject to change throughout the day without notice.