New to the Meat Department: Organic Prairie

We are super excited to introduce Organic Prairie to our meat case. This delicious, Grass Fed, USDA Organic beef is a step above the rest.

“While we uphold the USDA rules as the foundation of the organic industry, Organic Prairie’s production standards go above and beyond government regulations. Our Cooperative defines organic as a philosophy and system of production that mirrors the natural laws of living organisms with emphasis on the interdependence of all life. This definition reflects our deep convictions in our role as stewards of the earth. With the wisdom of generations, we, the farmers who own the Organic Prairie brand, care for the health of the land, the animals, and people who eat the food we produce.

We recognize the interdependency of all life and the value of sustainability, which results in the highest quality and purest foods possible.”

We will be highlighting the new line TOMORROW from 12-3 during our Grill and Chill, so be sure to stop by!

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