National Dairy Month – Day 1: Piave Vecchio

June is National Dairy Month, and in celebration of that, we’re highlighting a different cheese nearly everyday for the month. If our cheese section has ever intimidated you, let this be your free tour to all things delicious in our dairy world.

To start things off, let us introduce you do a classic Italian cow’s milk cheese known in the USA as Piave Vechio. Made in the Piave River Valey region of Belluno, Italy, this cheese is the combination of two separate milkings, one of whole milk and the other, skimmed.

Piave is released in two agings, Vecchio implies the more aged version of the cheese, about 12 months, resembling a much younger parmesan.

Piave works wonderfully just as a simple table cheese that can be shaved onto salads, pastas, pizza, greens or enjoyed with an aperitif. It pairs perfectly with both red and white wine, or even a delicious amber ale.