Sophie Snowflakes Diaper Cream

New to the Nourish Department is Local company, Sophie Snowflakes Diaper Cream. To properly introduce this new product to the store, it would only seem right to have a product demo. Join us and creator Julie Rylander TOMORROW – – Friday, May 13th from (4-7PM). Learn all about this great product and meet the brains behind the ingredients!

“In March 2009, my husband and I were new parents with a new baby, who had a red bum.  We had just moved to the area to new jobs and a new home, and knew no one who could help us with cloth diapers (my husband really wasn’t looking for the help, but he pretended well enough).  I turned to the web for to find a solution to an entirely new problem — how to stop the red bum without ruining the cloth diaper with traditional diaper creams (which contain zinc oxide).  I had already concocted a cleaning solution with reusable wipes, so I knew the diaper answer couldn’t be too far away.  After reading about many natural ingredients, I determined which ones I liked and which ones I had at home, and began my experiments.  After a few trials, I mastered a recipe which ended the red bum (and my frustration) very quickly.

Our daughter’s name is Sophie and she was born in a snowstorm.  That, in itself, is a wild story (  Of course, her nicknames came quite naturally — “Snowphie” and “Snowflake”.  Snowflakes seem so pure and natural.  Naming this all-natural cream was just as easy — Sophie’s Snowflakes.

Does “natural” sometimes require extra work?  Sure, but it is worth it.  But you don’t have to worry about that, since I’ve made plenty for you.

Since creating the cream almost two years ago, I’ve learned that using it twice a day on Sophie’s sensitive skin helps to prevent the red bum she so frequently seemed to get in those first few months of life.  And, there’s another bonus to using it — the sticky gross stuff that makes your husband gag falls right off.  Better still, I’ve found — it works well for solving other skin problems, such as eczema, psoriasis, chapped skin, and other skin irritations!”

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