United States of Food

If you haven’t already noticed the beautifully constructed tables outside of the store, paired with the herbs…here is the explanation!

United States of Food wants to remind you that: Your backyard is as local as it gets. “Our craftsman-quality raised-bed gardens are constructed from a variety of woods (you can upgrade from our high-quality pine to cedar), and are fitted with an attractive trellis. Our frames are artisan-quality and locally handcrafted by Class A carpenters. Like our plants, your garden’s frame is made of the finest ingredients, and it’s constructed with the greatest standard of carpentry care. All gardens include a weed barrier for a bottom and can be finished with a natural, FDA-approved oil as preservative if you wish.”

We will have both the Table and the Garden Plate for sale. For more information on their mission check out their website.

Shane from United States of Food will be roaming the front of the store TOMORROW, from 12-3PM to talk about their products. Don’t miss out!

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