PHOTOS: Grower's Champagne Class

This past Tuesday, December 14th, 40 some people congregated at Ellwood’s Cafe with Tom Bjornsen to worship Grower Champagne. The night featured 6 different Champagnes, a sample plate of delicious cheese and chocolate, and an excellent conversation about the back story of each Champagne from Tom Bjornsen – a Champagne expert from Roanoke Valley Wine Company. Each Champagne tasted different but were all equally delicious in their own way. The 6 tasted were Agrapart, Michel Arnould, Coutier, Voirin, Gatinois, and Dehours. If you would like to special order any of the Grower Champagnes just listed, please stop by the Indulge Department for more information!

A little bit of Champagne and Cheese

Chris, Leigh and Nichole from our Indulge Department, Champagne expert Tom Bjornsen and Robyn from Roanoke Valley Wine Company

Preparing to try the first Champagne of the evening

One thought on “PHOTOS: Grower's Champagne Class”

  • Lanny Levenson says:

    Would you post the names of the champagnes with the descriptions from Wednesday night? I lost my page and I couldn’t take the order form copy yesterday when I picked up the order.

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