Celebrate New Years with Grower Champagne

Treat yourself and your taste buds right this holiday season by popping open a bottle of true grower champagne. This season we’ve got two very special champagnes that set themselves apart from the rest. Rene Geoffroy Millesime Extra Brut ’00 Cumieres Champagne and  Henry Goutorbe’s Special Club Brut ’02 Ay Champagne.

Rene Geoffroy Millesime Extra Brut 2000 / Cumieres Champagne

70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir, all done in cask, no malo, no cold stabalizing, no filtration, one fining. “I have to say this is the best bone dry Chardonnay I’ve tasted;  it has a tremendous swell of inside sweetness; it’s an overall crescendo in fact, of authority and delineation, of solid yet slippery length; very sweet brioche, and San Daniele prosciutto over a slivery gurgle of spring water freshness.” – Terry Thiese, renowned wine and champagne connoisseur.

Henri Goutorbe “Special Club” 2002 Brut / Grand Cru Ay Champagne

The “Special Club” is a collection of 26 grower-productions who all have the common goal of expressing terroir in their region, The special club bottling represents a grower’s best offering This is an amazing example of a spectacular vintage in Champagne. Voluptuous, buttery and spicy with white truffles, gougeres, and brioche-extremely rich. You should be salivating at this point.

These grower champagnes and more are available now in our Indulge Department with limited quantities.

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