Harvest with a Cause at Victory Farms

On Monday morning, we got a call from Charlie over at Victory Farms in Hanover County. He told us that he had two large beds of late season organic carrots that he didn’t have room for. We jumped on the opportunity like a cat on catnip. On Wednesday morning, 13 Ellwood Thompson’s volunteers teamed up with Victory Farms to harvest over 1,000 lbs carrots that would be donated to the Central Virginia Food Bank! Click on to read the rest of the story.

With a bit of frost still on the ground we waited for the sun to warm the soil up, giving it just enough ease to lift the thousands of carrots out of the ground. The hardest part was trying not to eat them! Some volunteers were lightly tilling the soil so the carrots came out easier, some were picking and others were rinsing, cleaning and boxing for delivery.  These carrots will help provide meals for seniors and youth during the holiday season. Thanks to Charlie and Gina at Victory Farms for thinking of us, and thanks for the pizza and refreshments!

Warming our hands in between shifts.

Darren loosens the cold December soil to make harvesting easier. Action shot of the day.

Our Produce Manager, Megan Neal with a beautiful bunch of local-organic carrots!

Rita’s a natural.

Twisted love.

Lauren digs deep in the rich soil.

Our Assistant Store Manager, Gray, holds a fresh crate after cleaning. Ready for delivery.

Carrots ready to be donated.

Gray, Megan and Miles.

Apparently, the colder the weather, the sweeter the carrots get. Trust us, this is true. These were like candy.

Just a visitor from the farm.

For more information on Victory Farms, click here. For more information on the Central Virginia Food Bank, click here.