Seed Bombs

Just this past Thursday, our Produce Manager Megan Neal paired with William Fox Elementary School in the fan, to organize the Seed Bomb project. With compost in hand and Gina Collins of Victory Farms on her side, she educated  small groups of students on what a seed bomb can do for you.

William Fox Elementary has a particularly active PTA, with demonstrated parental involvement. Just this last week for example, they hosted the “Farm to Table” week. In honor of this event, Ellwood Thompson’s jumped on the local bandwagon by contributing knowledge of the compost cycle. Grades 3-5 sampled local carrots, learned about Johnny Appleseed, talked about local agriculture, met real life farmer Gina Collins (of Victory Farms.) To top it all off, they made seed bombs from compost that would be later used in their own spring gardens.

Megan Explaining the difference between local and mass produced apples.

Compost being made into seed bombs

One of the students showing off their compost hands

Fresh carrots from Victory Farms

Megan and Gina posing for the camera after one of the sessions