Our New Bike Rack!

Some of you might remember roughly two years ago we put out a contest, open to all creatives, designers and sculptures in Richmond. The contest was to come up with a new design for a bike rack showcasing not only functionality but creativeness and uniqueness. This bike rack would then be built and used in our parking lot. Out of the contest we got nearly 20 submissions from local designers who truly put serious time and thought into their pieces. The rack had to be easy to build, semi-permenate, weather-proof and most of all-make us re-think what a bike rack was. We called on a great team of local jurors to review each design, ultimately picking a winner. This team consisted of Ward Tefft and Shelley Briggs from Books on Wheels, Lauren Stewart and Christina Hilliard of Fraser Design and Johannes Design Group, and Matthew McDonald from The Martin Agency.

There were some really awesome designs that we loved, but one particular design truly stood out was by duo Georgia Krapf and Sean Wheeler of ADO-Architecture Design Office and Walter Parks of Richmond.

“We saw the competition both as a branding exercise for Ellwood Thompson and as an opportunity to celebrate Richmond’s biking culture.” – Sean Wheeler

Their design involved bending aluminum tubing to form letters to spell words. At first when we saw it we weren’t sure what it was, then our minds opened and we saw the genius behind the design.

“Once we came up with the concept, the project became a fun excuse to design a functional 3-dimensional font.”-Georgia

We gor our friend Robert Chase of Chase Architectural Metals to fabricate it, they’re a team that can truly make anything. We truly hope that whether you’re a cyclist or not, that you’ll appreciate the design for it’s beauty and function, we know we sure do. And, if you ride your bike, don’t forget that we have a bike pump at the front entrance if you need it and you’ll get 25-cents off your purchase for pedaling to the store!