Richmond Magazine Staff Pick: Heather Johnson

Bethany Emerson of Richmond Magazine says, “When I’m sitting on a stool at Ellwood’s Cafe I just have to order my current favorite, a caramel latte. Heather Johnson always tops her drink with latte art – a heart of leaf drawn in foam.” And because of that, our adorable little Heather got written up as a Staff Pick in this month’s Best & Worst Issue of Richmond Mag. So we took a minute to step inside the mind of Heather, see where her inspiration comes from and a little background behind the Richmond’s latte art master.

You’ve just received a staff pick from Bethany Emerson of Richmond Emerson of Richmond Magazine for your latte art, what are your plans now to do with all the money and fame?

(Laughing) – Ah..I’m going to the bahamas in November.

Do you do special latte art for everyone or just for Bethany?

Everyone, well…as long as you tip me (laughing).

Could you do a perfect replication of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in an iced tea for me?

Oh God, ah..not exactly, maybe close.

What’s the secret behind latte art? How many years in the Columbian jungle and the Italian Alps did you have to train?

It’s all about the way you steam the milk so that it’s perfectly creamy. We call it “sexy milk” thanks to Michael King, and it took about year of training for me to perfect it.

How many pushups do you do a day?

30 at least.

What else do you offer besides leaves in coffee?

Hearts, smiley faces and skulls depending on my mood and how sexy the milk is.

If you were to receive a second award in Richmond Magazine’s Best & Worst issue, what do you think it would be for?

Hmm…best smile?

Give me three reasons why people should come into Ellwood’s Cafe to see you.

1. For the latte art

2. Because the coffee is awesome and makes you happy.

3. Because I’m so friendly!

Any last words?

I want to thank Counter Culture for the training, as well as Blanchard’s local coffee for the great beans, Michael King and… Hi mom!