Learn the buzz about "Bcakes"

On August 18th from 6-7pm, we will have special guest Sharon from BCakes in house to talk about the features of her local product.

These all natural, hand made soaps & lotions come straight from the beehive – providing top notch skin care. And the best part about Bcakes? They are located right down the street at 8710 Old Spring Road, Richmond VA!

Both the love of Honey Bees and herbal remedies from childhood helped to create the Bcakes products that you can find today. “We use beeswax, honey, and/or Royal Jelly in all of our products. Products from the hive such as propolis, honey and royal jelly (this is the substance Honey Bees feed their Queen) are amazing healing agents.  They have natural antibacterial and moisturizing qualities, and are loaded with many vitamins and minerals that are both good for your skin as well as your health.”

We carry many of these special products in the store, including:

The HoneyBee Royal Buter Coconut, Lemongrass Shampoo Bar, Soap, Bath Powder Chamomile, Facial Scrub Sm/Lrg, Pine Tar Soap, Pine tar Salve, Lavendar Hand Therapy and Nail/Cuticle – as well as the QueenBee Facial Cream.

Sign up for the class today to learn more! http://ellwoodthompsons.com/classes/view/bcakes-workshop

(Limited seating, but it’s FREE!)