Ah, the event that comes but once a year, the event that turns Richmond into the craziest party city on the east coast. It’s Best Friends Day, and we sure do love it! We’re just hoping that all of our employees that want off work have already requested off.

What Best Friends Day all boils down to is a few good friends who shared close enough birthdays. Those few friends decided to get some people together and all go to Hadad’s lake to have a little party. This was 9 years ago. Many people have speculations about the event and try to avoid it, but we all know it’s not possible. In reality, all Best Friends Day is, is a bunch of people celebrating summer, friendship and fun. And it will always be that.

In just 9 years, the weekend event has gone from a handful of friends at a lake to a highly anticipated event held once a year. People from all over the country, and world come in for this. Best Friends Day 7 had people come all the way from California to the Middle East, all to celebrate friendship.

This year alone there will be well over 20 bands including Andrew WK, No BS Brass, Brainworms, Municipal Waste and Government Warning. There will also be tons of friends, beer, water, grime, bikes, busses, potato chips, sunscreen, ice and sun. Rain or shine, make sure you’re at Hadad’s Lake on Saturday, August 21st. To learn more on the wonderful event that truly makes Richmond unique, click here.

You can thank Jim Callahan for the amazing event posters. And one more thing, if you haven’t taken off work yet, you better go ahead and do it now.