What We're Eating: Avocado & Fiesta Chicken Salad

We figured now that we have our new website and blog going that we’d start to show you just what we’re eating here at Ellwoods. Where every meal we make might not be off our hot bar or salad bar, the concoctions that we’re mixing up at home and bringing into work might even top that! What We’re Eating will be a collection of photographs and ingredients showing you exactly what we’re putting into our bodies, good or bad, we’ll show you what’s on our plate.

First up is Nichole from our Wine Department. Nichole is known for bringing in her lunch daily which means a surprise for us everyday. Today she started off with a bed of fresh Victory Farms local greens and then mixed in baked fiesta chicken breast slices, organic red grapes, local Plantation Woods green zebra heirloom tomatoes, organic avocado and a vegan ranch dressing. A perfect salad for a perfect day.