Ellwood Thompson's Local Market Brings Organic Growth to Columbia Heights

Richmond, VA — Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market, Virginia’s largest independent natural grocery, is pleased to announce its expansion into Washington, DC. As the company prepares for its twentieth anniversary, it will open a new store to serve the Columbia Heights and Mount Pleasant neighborhoods. Ellwood Thompson’s new store will be located in the DC USA development at 14th and Irving Streets, NW, adjacent to the Columbia Heights Metro station.

“We’ve been interested in the communities along the 14th Street corridor as the home for our second store for quite some time,” says Ryan Youngman of Ellwood Thompson’s. “We walked the community and talked to the people. The overwhelming support we received from residents confirmed this is the perfect place to expand. Our commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation along with organics and clean local food is a perfect fit for these neighborhoods.”

Youngman plans to keep the lines of communication open, working with residents, community leaders and other businesses in the area to ensure Ellwood Thompson’s understands the food and community needs of the neighborhoods. He and the company would like to thank Ward One Councilmember Jim Graham, the Columbia Heights Developmental Corporation and Grid Properties for making this opportunity possible.

The local, organic and natural market is slated to open in fall/winter of 2009 and will be nearly 15,000 square feet. In addition, this growth will bring 90-110 new jobs to the area, everything from managerial to general positions, with great benefits and a unique and meaningful working environment.

Like the Richmond store, each department of the Columbia Heights market will emphasize local products found within a 100-mile radius. Offerings will include naturopathic vitamins, supplements and personal care, local produce, bulk, meat and seafood, wine, cheeses and fresh baked goods. Prepared foods from Ellwood’s Kitchen will be led by award-winning chef and vegan cookbook author, Jannequin Bennett. It will cater to intentional eaters as well as provide a variety of natural, organic, and ethnically diverse dishes. Those who elect to eat vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and/or raw foods will find plenty of options in all departments. There will be inside and outside community seating with wireless internet available.

Ellwood Thompson’s will also offer incentives for conservation and recycling in the form of monetary envirocredits for walking, biking and mass transit and for reusing shopping bags, water and food containers. Those who have to drive will have easy access to the underground parking deck from Park or Hiatt Streets.

For additional questions email Cyndi Watkins at cwatkins@ellwoodthompsons.com.