A New Coffee and Tea Café in Carytown

Richmond, VA — Some wonderful things grow in the shade. Coffee for starters. In fact, shade-planted on small lots is the way coffee was intended to be grown. Ellwood Thompson’s will be serving up plenty of shade-grown varieties from regional supplier Counter Culture Coffee in its new coffee and tea café.

Formerly an ice cream shop, the space across the parking lot from Ellwoods at 10 S. Thompson Street is currently being transformed. Although the café’s name has not been determined, it is being planned based on the philosophy of a third place – home and work are first and second places;third places inspire relaxation and creative community interaction.

“We really want a comfortable, functional space where people can slow down and communicate,” adds Youngman. The shop is slated to open mid summer, which is also the target timing for the store’s expansion to be completed as well.

Ellwood Thompson’s has asked the Richmond community to help it name the new coffee and tea café; it’s a bit of a tradition for the retailer. In 1994, City Market was renamed Ellwood Thompson’s at the suggestion of an employee’s daughter when the store moved to its current location at the corner of the two streets. “We’ve asked our employees for their input and to gather ideas from family and friends,” says Lesley Johnson, the company’s marketing director. “Then we thought “Why not open this up to everyone who’s always wanted to name a business?’ so we posted it on ellwoodthompsons.com and the ideas have been flowing ever since.” The retailer will select a name for the new café in the next month or so.

The café will offer coffee, tea, wine in the evenings and light fare from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Ellwood’s Bakehouse and the soon-to-be expanded Ellwood’s Kitchen will supply baked goods and light entrees created by Chef Bennett.