Our Farmers

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Meet Our Local Farmers

We like to stay close enough to shake hands with the farmers that provide our market with food, which in turn, brings you closer to the food you eat.

The USDA defines “local food” as anything that can be found within a 400-mile radius. We don’t believe that is local enough! Ellwood Thompson’s works within a 100-mile radius from our grocery store location. That means our local produce is grown, harvested, and raised inside of that 100-mile radius. Our locally produced cheese and milk? They fall under the same standards. We really do work within our community to bring you fresh food from farmers that work close to home.

Below is a list of the farmers and producers that help us bring fresh, organic, natural food to your table:

Thyme-To-Plant.jpgA Thyme To Plant & Lavender Fields Farm (USDA Organic)

Glen Allen, VA - 8 Miles

Stan and Nicole Schermerhorn run this 37-acre USDA-Certified Organic herb and vegetable farm located right next to the Chickahominy River. Minutes away from Downtown RVA, A Thyme To Plant offers over 200 varieties of naturally grown organic herbs and starter veggies. Check out one of their many classes, lectures, farm tours and locally-crafted skin care items, and visit them on the farm!

AM-Fog.jpgamFog Mushroom Farms

Afton Mountain, VA - 79 Miles

amFog Farms is located off of Critzers Shop Road in the picturesque surroundings of Afton Mountain where they grow seven different types of mushrooms including Shiitake, Maitake and Oyster. Their mushrooms are available throughout most of the year, and can be sautéed into your favorite dishes, adding that flavor that turns the key to your meal. Always fresh, always natural, and always the highest quality mushrooms you can find around Richmond.

_0002_AmyGarden.jpgAmy’s Organic Garden

Charles City, VA - 36 Miles

Amy’s Garden has grown from a backyard garden in Richmond to a 10-acre USDA Certified Organic family farm in Charles City. Amy’s believes in building community around local and organic food.


Agriberry.jpgAgriberry CSA Farm

Studley, VA - 14 Miles

A family-owned berry farm, Agriberry produces fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches and nectarines that are sustainably grown in a natural, healthy environment. Virginia-based owners Anne and Chuck Geyer have been growing fresh berries and tree fruits together for 30 years. In that time, they’ve brought local residents a Community-Supported Agriculture Program as well as a Young Worker Training Program.

Blue-Ridge-Growers.jpgBlue Ridge Growers

Stevensburg, VA - 64 Miles

Located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Culpeper County, Blue Ridge Growers premium flowering annuals year-round from spring to the holiday season. In order to bring you the most beautiful of flowering plants they have expanded their growing space to approximately 20 indoor and 16 outdoor acres! They operate one of the most automated greenhouses in the U.S. with auto controls for temperature, shade cloths, roof openings, and irrigation systems.


Brickland Farm

Kenbridge, VA - 60 Miles

Brickland Farm circa 1818 is listed on the National Historic Record. The 200 year old tobacco farm has been converted to an organic sustainable vegetable farm, specializing in unique varieties as well as traditional vegetables. The small plots cared for by hand, and okra and beets are specialties, along with an extensive collection of heirloom tomatoes. Family owned & operated by self-taught organic farmers Jerry Tuttle and Eric Stanley, Brickland became Certified Naturally Grown in July of 2015. 

Buffalo_Creek_BeefBuffalo Creek Beef

Lexington, VA - 107 miles

Buffalo Creek Beef prides itself in its hand-raised, all-natural, locally grown and custom butchered meats from the Potter family. For seven generations, the Potter family has been a family of farmers. From the oldest to the youngest, they all have a hand in tending to the animals.  The Potter’s are very passionate about the beef industry and excited about local consumers enjoying their beef.


Cheerful Chicken Farm

Disputanta, VA - 36 Miles

The Alf's are 1st generation Veteran Farmers living their dream with their 6 children on Cheerful Chicken Farm. They try to emulate nature in their farming model using a rotational grazing system to simulate multi-species animal migrations. Their chickens graze on green pastures and are offered a GMO free feed.


Critzer Family Farms

Afton Mountain, VA - 79 Miles

Critzer’s has been in operation for five generations since the end of the Revolutionary War, holding a name that signifies fresh, local fruits and vegetables. Some of their goals include providing you with the best-tasting and healthiest produce, environmentally friendly practices, and embodying a down-home farming atmosphere for you and your family. To view a list of seasonally available fresh fruits, vegetables, plants and other products - click here!



 Crumptown Farm

Farmville, VA - 52 Miles

Brad and Lyndsay Constable were the farm managers at Yogaville Farm in Buckingham county from 2004 to 2008. Then Brad spent a season as Crew Supervisor at Best of Whats Around in Scottsville, VA. At the beginning of 2012, after farming on other people's property for 10 years, they bought their own farm. It must be fate, because it was love at first sight when they saw the farm. Lyndsay's great-grandfathers surname was Crump, so Crumptown Farm was naturally the name. As the local story goes, whenever the country doctor had to visit the area, he said he was going to Crumptown because so many Crumps lived there. Over the last decade, through the ups and downs, they never deviated from their dream of growing the best natural produce possible.


Dickie-Brothers.jpegDickie Brothers Orchard

Roseland, VA - 86 Miles

The Dickie Brothers family has been farming the same land for 263 years. Beyond impressive, their farm land spans two centuries of growing peaches, nectarines, plums, blackberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, 15 varieties of apples and much more. They work alongside Little Pries Mountain near Crabtree Falls on fresh soil, surrounded by cool mountain air. You can visit to pick your own apples all season and enjoy the view!



Dogwood Grove Greenhouse

Brodnax, VA - 60 Miles

Dogwood Grove Greenhouse takes pride in their customer service and top quality products. They use only natural or organically-approved pesticides when needed on their field crops. Only recently, they’ve begun to grow a variety of live herbs in addition to their normal batches of tomatoes, beets, cucumbers, heirloom cabbage, onions, romaine lettuce, summer squash, and okra. Natural, organic and fresh - the perfect partner!

Michael Drewry.JPGDrewry Farms

Wakefield, VA - 48 Miles

Located 3 miles North of Wakefield, Virginia on Route 31, Drewry Farms is nestled perfectly in the middle of one of the most important breadbaskets for both Hampton Roads and the Richmond/Petersburg region. The first peanut crop in the U.S. was produced about 5 miles from here. A family farm, it holds many memories. The Drewry Family has been farming in Southeastern Virginia since the 1600's. They invite you to visit their farm during berry picking season to enjoy the tranquility of a rural setting, and to create memories of your own. Some of their customers have been picking berries for over 30 years.

Edgewood Farms Thumbnail.jpg

Edgewood Farms

Harrisonburg, VA - 100 Miles

Edgewood Farms is a collective of chicken farmers that raise chickens in the Shenandoah Valley in Dayton VA, near Harrisonburg. The chickens are pasture-raised and are very friendly.The chickens are fed a diet of cracked corn, oats and roasted beans.

Epic-Gardens.jpegEpic Gardens

Bon Air, VA - 4 Miles

Growing vegetables and keeping chickens - that’s the Epic Gardens way! At this farm you will find lettuce, squash, beans and tomatoes, but their specialty is Edamame soy bean -- a high protein bean that keeps their soil rich and productive. Their eggs come from part-time free-range chickens and they offer training in soil building, integrated pest management, and growing food according to generally accepted organic practices (GOAP).


Henley Orchards

Crozet, VA - 76 Miles

For over 75 years, Henley Orchards has been serving our local community several varieties of peaches, nectarine, apples, and other seasonal fruits. Their late season apples are kept in storage and available until April. They offer nearly 40 varieties of apples including the recently-popularized Honey Crisp and Cameo apples and Henley’s Orchard select Henley Gold and Golden Fuji. They’ve been known for freshness for 4 generations!

Manakintowne Specialty GrowersManakintowne-Growers.png

Powhatan, VA - 24 Miles

Manakintowne is a 21-acre farm located in Central Virginia that serves Richmond, Charlottesville, and Williamsburg. They grow in their fields and year-round in three large greenhouses. At Manakintowne, you will find salad greens, shoots and sprouts, fresh herbs, micro greens, specialty vegetables and edible flowers in the spring. Since 1985, they have been family owned and operated near the highest elevation in the county.

_0001_Polyface.jpgPolyface Farms

Swoope, VA - 100 Miles

Joel Salatin is a third generation beyond organic farmer and author whose family owns and operates Polyface Farms in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. The farm produces salad bar beef, pigaerator pork, pastured poultry, forage-based rabbits and direct markets everything to 5,000 families, 50 restaurants, and 10 retail outlets. Ellwood's is one of ten retail outlets that carries Joel's chickens and eggs.


Quail Cove Farm (USDA Organic)

Machipongo, VA - 85 Miles

Offering several organic and natural produce items, Quail Cove Farm stays free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Their produce is non-GMO and does not compromise their surrounding environment. Plus, you can taste the difference! They also steer clear of artificial colors and flavors to bring you the best food from grown from their nutrient-dense soil on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Saunders-Brothers.jpgSaunders Brothers Orchard

Piney River, VA - 83 Miles

Saunders Brothers grows peaches, apples, asian pears, vegetables, flowering shrubs, annuals, and perennials. They are committed to providing you with these high quality products and keep their core values of faith, integrity, passion and family at the forefront of their business. Saunders Brothers aims to continue their positive impact on their community and environment as a premier supplier through the Eastern United States.

_0000_ShalomFarms.jpgShalom Farms

Goochland, VA - 28 Miles

Shalom Farms isnon-profit leading the effect to increase access to healthy food in urban Richmond. Shalom has a volunteer learning lab farm for all ages and backgrounds to learn about healthy produce. 


rsz_shepherdshill_2.jpgShepherds Hill Farm

Standardsville, VA - 83 miles

The Bontragers have been in residence at Shepherds Hill Farm since March 2010. This family of 10 has many hands to share the work (Glen and Margaret, with children Anthony, Vivian, Joshua, Kalandra, Amber, Katrina, and Kaiya, plus Veronica who is on mission in Honduras). By adapting an existing barn surrounded by grassy pasture and outfitting it with wooden laying boxes, perches, and egg shelves, the Bontragers keep around 600 laying hens. Shepherds Hill's pasture-raised eggs are all we use in our deli, bakery and prepared foods.

Snead’s FarmSneads.jpg

Fredericksburg, VA - 52 Miles

Emmett Snead started by selling eggs from the basket of his bicycle as a 6-year-old, making his way to owning his own farm, Snead’s Asparagus Farm. There you can find fresh-picked asparagus, sugar snap peas, zucchini, pumpkins, gourds, sweet corn, watermelon, okra, tomatoes, squash, and much more. Come visit the farm, pet the animals, and take a walk through the sunflower fields in the summer. You’ll love it.

SESEPhoto.jpgSouthern Exposure Seed Exchange

Mineral, VA - 38 Miles

At Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, you’re offered more than 700 varieties of vegetable, flower, herb, grain and cover crop seeds. You can also pick up many unusual Southern heirlooms like peanuts, southern peas, naturally colored cotton and much more. Their 72 acre farm is a worker-run cooperative that provides a wonderful working environment and are committed to quality in all aspects of their operation.

Rich-Perello.jpegTerrariums by Rich

Richmond, VA - 1 Mile

A terrarium is a self-contained miniature environment that creates a thriving world, alive with several natural elements. Richard Perello is a charismatic gentleman that creates the terrariums we have for sale at Ellwood Thompson’s. He uses small succulents, crystals, polished rocks, rich soil and other elements to bring you a small explorable world to take home for yourself or buy as a gift for a loved one. You must come see for yourself!

rsz_timbercreek_farm.jpgTimbercreek Farm

Charlottesville, VA – 70 miles

Run by the Miller family, Timbercreek Farm is dedicated to responsible agriculture that celebrates natural diversity and promotes ecological stewardship. Their method is based on the agricultural practices of the permaculture movement. They utilize the complimentary interactions of species to benefit one another, the land, and keep it all pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer, antibiotic, and hormone free.


Tomten-Farm-120px.jpgTomten Farm

Green Bay, VA - 54 Miles

Tomten Farm is a small diverse farm run by Brian Garretson and Autumn Campbell on 18 acres in Prince Edward County, Virginia. With 2.5 acres dedicated to annual vegetable production, Tomten Farm offers a wide array of organically grown produce and herbs for local markets, restaurants, and our CSA shares. Our goal is to offer high quality, excellent tasting produce for people who love to cook. While focused on produce, Tomten Farm is a diverse operation, which involves raising animals for meat on our pastures throughout the farm. Chickens (Red Ranger or Freedom Ranger) will be available June through December and Ducks (Muscovy) will be available in the Fall & Winter.

Tricycle-Gardens.jpgTricycle Gardens

Richmond, VA - 4 Miles

Tricycle Gardens is a nonprofit organization with a mission to grow healthy food, healthy communities and a healthy local food system. They have done ground-breaking work engaging individuals, community centers, non-profits, businesses, and the city government to act collectively in restoring our urban ecologies and create beautiful public spaces throughout Richmond, Virginia. They have a mission to grow healthy food, healthy communities and a healthy local food system.

rsz_strawberries_westover.jpgWestover Farm

McKenney, VA - 42 miles

Tim Miller and his family have been managing Westover Farm for the last few years and are a main supplier to Ellwood’s of local, delicious strawberries.